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New Water Connection

S.No Component Residential Mixed Industrial/Commercial
1 Opening Fee 250/- 250/- 250/-
2 Water Advance 1000/- 1000/- Nil
3 Occupier Security 250/- 250/- 500/-
4 Trade Advance Nil Nil Three Month's average bill as assessed by ZRO
5 Road Restroration Charges on behalf of MCD for Road cutting up to 5 metres 800/-(For JJR200) 800/- 1600/- 1600/-
6 Meter Security (For 15mm size metre) As per actual cost pf water metre to MNWS
7 Development Charges Development Charges recoverable, if applicable
*In case when applicant doesn't own the premises in respect of which water connection is applied for.
*Applicable in case of meter provided by MNWS.